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Podium Control & FREE PADDLE COVER

Podium Control & FREE PADDLE COVER

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We made the Podium Control paddle for players who do not require an extra long handle but are still looking to take advantage of their reach at the net. The Podium Control offers an elongated sweet spot. Additionally, the hybrid shape is recognized as a favorite in Pickleball as it allows for players with prior racquet experience to seamlessly transition to the game. The Podium Control paddle boasts a soft 16mm poly-core and a forgivable triple-layer carbon fibre face for maximum control.

The paddle features our Hyper-Grit™ technology which provides the maximum amount of allowable surface grit as per USA Pickleball regulations. Additionally, the paddle features dual graphics and Poach’s 2X Core™ which have been stress-tested and lab proven to be nearly twice as strong as most competitor paddles.

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